Our Favorites

15 10 2013

Since we’ve decided to stop blogging for now, we thought we’d leave a post at the top of this page with some of our favorite entries from our time in Cambodia. Please feel free to revisit old favorites or check out any posts you might have missed along the way.


Posts by Katie

Reflections on the Kingdom of Wonder

A day in the life of a Community Health Volunteer

Why art education has the power to transform the country

How one delivery can represent the entire development process

The challenges of health care services

Posts by Tim

A look at the devastating ways poverty can perpetuate itself

Lessons learned from one year in the public schools

The view from our porch

The landmine situation throughout the country

Once again, thanks for reading and– more importantly– supporting us while we were away. This blog served as a great outlet for processing our experiences and sharing a little piece of our world with friends and family across the globe. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!