Fully Funded!

7 08 2012

Here’s just a quick update on the hospitality project. In less than four days time, the project went from zero to fully funded. It happened so much quicker than I had expected. Thanks to everyone who donated and reposted about the project. Unfortunately, I haven’t received information yet on the donors, so I can’t thank you individually yet, but know that it’s coming. Now that we have the funding, the hospitality portion of the class will start shortly.

The group of students that I’m working with have been an absolute joy to teach so far. They look out for one another and are really supportive of each other. Despite being from different villages and communes, they have become fast friends while studying a huge amount of material. I keep having to add to my lesson plans just to keep up! They clearly study a lot at home, and are really motivated to both understand the language and use it. It has been so invigorating to have such wonderful students, all studying with such purpose. I assume it will only get better as time goes on and we spend even more of our days together.

Again, thanks to all who contributed to the project. I’ll certainly provide pictures as the project goes along. And, in case you weren’t able to donate in time, don’t worry – I’m sure Katie or I will have another project that could use your support in the future.