Just. Plain. Awful.

29 11 2011

I have sad news to report.

Last Friday, in our town three young girls were raped. A Khmer man broke into their shared house and raped them. They were in seventh, eighth and ninth grade. The one boy living with them was hit over the head with a hatchet. All of the students study at Tim’s school.

The rapist was a local man, known in the community for having worked abroad. The community members say he is covered in tattoos, uses drugs and might have HIV. To make it worse, he’s served time in jail for sex crimes before. We have been told he has been taken to Siem Reap by the police.

We are unable to fact-check any of this as it hasn’t been picked up by any newspaper we can find. We don’t have a TV, but I doubt that it would be covered on the televised news either. Regardless of the details, three young girls were raped.

Luckily, the girls seem to be receiving care from a well-respected NGO that aims to empower women and girls throughout the country. They work relentlessly with victims of domestic abuse, women who have been trafficked and victims of rape, in addition to the advocacy and prevention work they do. I’m hoping to meet with the NGO soon and will update if I learn anything new.

Please keep these girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers.