This blog tracks the travels of Tim and Katie Muller, two twenty-somethings serving in Cambodia as Peace Corps Volunteers. Married in 2009 in Pittsburgh, the greatest city in the world (or at least the Rust Belt), Katie and Tim are always looking for an intercontinental challenge.

Both love travel for the sake of travel, but are more interested in the learning and growth that only happens when we take a step outside of our comfort zone. They are excited and humbled by the opportunity to serve with the United States Peace Corps, an experience that will undoubtedly have a profound impact on their life views and future plans.

Katie is serving as a community health educator, focusing on gender issues and childhood nutrition. Tim is an English teacher and teacher trainer, with a hospitality training project on the side. The couple is slated to return to the US in October 2013.

One response

4 05 2013

Hi! I just found your blog after searching about the Peace Corps and was super interested and loved your stories!! I don’t have much to give as a recently graduated college student, but thought the idea of sending you guys something while you are overseas volunteering sounded awesome!

My only question was if I were to send something to the current address listed (Cambodia)..Would it make it there in time before you are done? I just am not sure how long shipping would take to get there and everything.
Just email me at: mfifield@mail.bradley.edu

Look forward to hearing from you!


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