A very belated update

21 07 2013

I had grand plans to keep up the blog the past few weeks, but so far I’ve failed pretty miserably. This is my attempt to recap.

First, and perhaps most exciting, Tim and I finished our Peace Corps Service! We are officially Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. It’s been nearly a month since we left our site, and it’s just now starting to hit me that a very important stage of my life is over.

I already miss the familiar faces of Kampong Kdey

I already miss the familiar faces of Kampong Kdey

Immediately following our close of service (and immediately following the end of our instant and free access to a qualified American medical professional), Tim got an infection and wound up in the hospital. The night he was supposed to return to the good ol’ US of A, he was instead lying in a hospital bed, on the receiving end of an IV full of antibiotics. A few days later, he got cleared to leave the hospital and was able to change his flight date. He left Cambodia on Sunday of last week, and after 48 hours of travel, he arrived in Philadelphia. He’s spent the past few days visiting apartment after apartment, while getting to know our new city.

Saying goodbye to Tim

Saying goodbye to Tim

Meanwhile, I’ve relocated to Takeo province and have started my contract. Life is incredibly busy, but happy!




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