Domestic Violence Awareness Project Update

26 05 2013

Today was my last meeting with the volunteers for the domestic violence project. This week, each village group will present the final two lessons: the impacts of alcohol use and preventing domestic violence. In one week, the project will be complete. I’ll share more about the results then, but for now, here are some quotes (loosely translated) from today’s meeting that help show the situation in the villages, the attitudes of the project volunteers, and the impact of the project.

A volunteer talks about the different kinds of domestic violence

A volunteer talks about the different kinds of domestic violence

On the current situation:

“We have a lot of domestic violence in the village. The only way to prevent it is to educate them. Educate them every day. Educate them always.”

“There are a lot of men in my village who drink beer. They don’t really work. They come together to drink every day. Then some of them go home and beat their wives or kids.”


On the community education sessions:

“When we go promote these [domestic violence awareness] events, men don’t come. They say, ‘It’s women’s rights. It’s women’s rights,’ and they don’t participate.”

“Before, only ten people would come to community meetings. Now, maybe twenty or thirty come participate. It’s much more than before.”


On preventing domestic violence:

“We come home from work, everyone’s exhausted, and the children are crying, the dishes need to be done, the rice needs to be made. We can prevent domestic violence by helping each other. Help each other with the children, with the rice. If we help each other, there’s no violence.”

“If we feel angry or in a bad mood, we can go to work or go exercise instead. This is a way to prevent domestic violence. We can end it directly.”


On the impact of the project:

“Now, we are brave enough to talk about this [domestic violence] in the community.”

“A good thing is that the people in the village have a lot more knowledge about domestic violence and children’s rights now.”





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26 05 2013
Anne Marie

katie, this is amazing stuff. kudos to you.

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