Asking for your help one final time: Please donate

24 01 2013

First of all, thank you. You all have been incredibly supportive during our Peace Corps experience so far. You helped Tim’s hospitality project get (more than) fully funded in a matter of days, you tried your best to help us win the money for the geography club (we didn’t win, but still appreciate all the “likes” and shares) — and now, one last time, we need your help.


I’m currently fundraising for what will be my final endeavor during my PC Cambodia stint: a community-based domestic violence education project. In nearly every discussion I’ve had about community development with village chiefs, teachers, NGO staff members and secondary students at my site, they’ve all identified domestic violence as being a very top priority in our area. According to a recent report, half of Cambodians surveyed believe that a husband is justified in shooting, stabbing, or throwing acid at his wife if she is disrespectful or argumentative. I’m hoping to create safer communities for women by training volunteers on conducting community-based education sessions, mitigating conflict, providing referrals for victims of abuse, and assisting others in drafting personal safety plans.

To make a donation, please head to this site:

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and would be used toward fostering well-informed, safe and just communities. (Not to mention, it’s tax deductible!)





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