Happy 2013!

1 01 2013

Happy new year! I’m glad to report that Tim and I rung in 2013 in style. Even though we’ve had a few vacations in the past several months, we decided to splurge on a relaxing couple of days all to ourselves. We treated ourselves to a poolside hotel room, a 5-course dinner, and a hot air balloon ride over Angkor Wat.

We spent three days poolside, sipping mojitos and cooling off in the water. Inside the room, we  set the A/C so high we were shivering, just to make the high pressure, hot shower even more enjoyable. (The simple pleasures!) I got a professional massage at the hotel. We each splurged on some new clothes. We ordered in food – mostly different things filled with cheese. We streamed countless hours of Top Chef and opened a care package from home. In short, it was Peace Corps heaven, a much needed break from bucket showers, non-flushing toilets, and endlessly dusty air.

Poolside lounging

Poolside lounging

View of Angkor Wat from the balloon

View of Angkor Wat from the balloon

Sitting down for dinner on New Year's Eve

Sitting down for dinner on New Year’s Eve

It was absolutely the perfect start to what will undoubtedly be an exciting year. I have no idea what to expect from 2013, but I sure am looking forward to it! You can find more pictures of our luxurious weekend here.





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