The Christmas Spirit

16 12 2012

It’s easy to forget that Christmas is just around the corner. Between the unrelenting heat and the distinct lack of peppermint mochas, there aren’t many clues that the holidays are upon us. Instead of Christmas carols, we hear wedding music all around, and not a single shop in town is offering a gift wrapping option. (Although, I can see it now: “Would you like a bow on that bottle of cooking oil?” “Should we add a holiday greeting card to that kilo of rice?”)

Our plans to celebrate this year are not too different from the last. We will live in denial about Christmas until exactly one week before the big day, at which point I will finally allow the festivities to begin. I believe Tim is scheming to create another faux tree, complete with the same Coca Cola ornaments he made last year. I will play the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat for hours. We’ll watch A Christmas Story and A Muppet Christmas Carol, among other holiday-themed movies. Tim will plan the Christmas menu for days.

Christmas 2011

This year, like last, we’re having some Peace Corps friends over to celebrate with us. We’ll share a few special meals together, make sure everyone has something to open under the tree, and swap stories of holiday traditions. The major difference this year is that we’ll also be attending our friend’s wedding, which is planned for Christmas Day.

Celebrating Christmas in a tropical, Buddhist country takes a hearty dose of imagination. This Christmas Day will certainly not resemble any Christmas I’ve had in the States. There won’t be a candlelit service or a bowl full of Chex Mix, but it feels like we’re starting to make our own Christmas traditions – even from Cambodia.





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