Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen

28 10 2012

Since Tim’s been in Phnom Penh the past few days, I’ve been without a head chef. Tim has taken over all of the cooking duties in Cambodia since (most days) he finds the challenge of making good food here exciting. I, on the other hand, find it exhausting.

Anyway, Tim’s gone, which means I have to forage for myself for a few days. I’ve been cheating a little by going out for one meal a day so I don’t have to cook as often. Yesterday, I invited a friend to go eat with me and we went to my favorite spot to eat some nime.

Nime is essentially a big spring roll, served fresh and rolled in a thick, moist wrapper. What makes nime so good though is the peanut sauce used for dipping. It’s something that I will definitely miss when we return to the States. Yum!





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