File this under “Things that Baffle Me”

22 10 2012

The health center where I am based is large. While many Cambodian health centers are made of only one building, mine has four, including a building for consultations, one for ante-natal care and birthing, one for trainings, and one for TB testing and beds. If I were to estimate how much of this space the staff and patients actually use, it would be around 60 percent. Not much more than half.

They broke ground last week

And yet, for some reason unbeknownst to me, my health center decided they need a new building. So now a new wing is being constructed on the health center grounds. I’m told it will be for women to recover after they give birth. We have three beds for that currently, and I’ve never seen them all occupied at once. We also have two big rooms full of beds in the training building that I’ve never seen anyone use. This feels like one of those unfortunate instances where people simply equate development to building stuff. I’m hoping as the project continues I’ll learn more to justify the costly construction.




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