Next Stop: Sihanoukville

14 10 2012

After three days in the tranquil tourist town of Kampot, Tim and I are making our way to Sihanoukville.

The highlight of Kampot was definitely the food: the best Mexican we’ve had in Cambodia yet, countless gooey brownies, spectacular ribs, pumpkin pancakes and more.

Ribs, mashed potatoes and coleslaw

The scenery is also lovely, with a few beautiful hills lurking in the background and a crystal clear river that runs through town.

The riverfront

On Friday, Tim and I hopped on some mountain bikes and took a ride to a cave temple located just outside of town. The view before descending into the cave was breathtaking.

The view from the cave’s entrance


The Temple


Now, we’re off to spend a couple of lazy days on the beach before we head back to site… but I could really get used to this whole vacation thing.





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