Back to School

1 10 2012

Happy October! Today is officially the first day of the academic year, which means all of the students line up for a procession to the school. Knowing this was the case, I took my camera along with me to breakfast so I could get a couple videos of the ritual.

First, have a look at what I was eating. Yum! Pork and rice. My usual breakfast if I get up in time.

Then, check out the videos. (Prepare yourself for some top-notch narration.)

But, be warned, just because today is the first day of school doesn’t mean that classes start. As I was telling my parents on the phone this morning, it’s typical for students and teachers to come to school every day for weeks before classes actually begin. It may be a while before the teachers get their schedules – and the drive to get in the classroom and start teaching. Until then, both the students and the teachers will come to the school everyday, but the students will sit in the classrooms while the teachers sit in the teachers’ lounge – the two groups never to meet.





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