Voices of Cambodia: Ea Nearadey

19 07 2012

We are happy to (finally!) post another “Voices of Cambodia” post. This one comes from our neighbor, a lab technician in the health center. This interview was originally conducted in Khmer and was translated to English.

 Name: Ea Nearadey

Age: 47

Occupation: Laboratory Technician

Tell me about yourself.

I am Nearadey. I have a husband; we’ve been married for seven years. We do not have any kids. I went to see a (fertility) doctor in Vietnam but we still don’t have any children. I want more nieces and nephews. I have a niece who is 18 years old, but she left for Siem Reap already. My husband has children because he was married before. I have 10 brothers and sisters; five of each. But two have died already. My mother died nearly three years ago too. I am a nurse.

What do you do in an average day?

I work at my house a little. Sometimes patients come if they are sick. At the health center, I look at blood to see if patients have tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS. At home, I clean the house and make food. My husband builds houses.

What do you want American people to know about Cambodia?

I want them to know that Cambodians want to go visit America. I want to go visit so I can take American drugs that will help me have a child of my own.

How has Cambodia changed in your lifetime?

Thirty years ago, it was very different. They didn’t have phones yet. People were very poor and didn’t have a lot of knowledge. There were no hotels and people didn’t drive motos. Now, we have better roads.

How do you think Cambodia will be different in ten years?

I think in ten years the people will know more, especially about foreign languages. (After being asked if there was anything else) No, no. I don’t know. You should really ask the director of the health center. I don’t know.

If you could improve one aspect of your community, what would you improve?

I would educate the villagers about how diseases spread and about hygiene. I would tell them about clean water and food, how to keep their houses tidy. I would teach them about how to protect themselves.

If you won $10,000, what would you do or buy?

I would buy things to protect people from diseases. I would buy things like mosquito nets and water filters and give them to the poor people. Ten thousand dollars can do a lot. A little goes a long way. I would buy all of the poor people mosquito nets and water filters to help them.




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