Kampuchea 6

16 07 2012

This weekend, the sixth group of Peace Corps Volunteers (K6s)  arrived in Cambodia. It was an exciting day that spurred conversations that began with phrases like, “Remember last year when…” and “Do you think the K6s will…”

To celebrate the arrival of the new group, nearly forty K4 and K5 volunteers smashed into a bus and headed to the airport, armed with welcome signs, flags and lungs prepared to hoot and holler. Just as happened with us last year, when the K6s stepped out from the baggage claim they were met with a group of people who were sincerely happy to see them. The K4s and K5s cheered, while the K6s looked a little bewildered.

K5s advise the new group to “Embrace the Rice, Rain and Rats”

The next morning, volunteers old and new gathered together once again for a light breakfast/meet and greet at the Peace Corps office. It was a chance for K6s to ask some of the questions that were plaguing them and a time for K5s to eat some free food!

Chatting at the PC office during the meet and greet breakfast

It was a monumental weekend not only for the K6s, who’ve just committed to serving two years abroad, but also for us current volunteers, as it was a reminder of how far we’ve come. Next week marks one year since we K5s arrived in the Kingdom of Wonder. I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown and how much more I know now than I did a year ago.

Congratulations to all of the PCVs in Cambodia this week, as we all celebrate our own milestones! And, of course, a special welcome to the new group of volunteers!

Welcome K6s!





2 responses

22 07 2012
Mary Jo Cobb

thanks for writing this. my son is a K6 and it is heartening to hear that you survive and thrive in Cambodia.:-)

31 12 2012
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[…] milestone for those of us who had reached the one year mark, welcoming the new group of volunteers to Cambodia reminded us all of how much we had learned and how far we had come since arriving the […]

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