Camp GLOW Fundraiser – A BIG Success

23 06 2012

Last night’s fundraiser for Camp GLOW was a success! Thanks to a huge PCV turnout, we raised $154 to help support August’s girls’ empowerment camp. This is a low-cost project so every one of those dollars will have a big impact.

Molly Malone’s, located on Pub Street, did a great job of hosting the event. They promoted the project well and were able to round up an assortment of solid raffle prizes. In fact, several Peace Corps Volunteers won something, including Tim, who  is now the proud owner of a gift certificate for a free dinner for two at a nice restaurant in Siem Reap. I wonder who he’ll take…?

The bar at Molly Malone’s

Today, we’ll be trying  to solidify deals with a couple of local restaurants to provide the food for the camp at a discounted price. Once we get the food settled, we’ll have most of the bigger planning components finished. It seems to me that we’re right on track to have a stellar camp!





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23 06 2012

That’s great! I’m glad it went so well!!!

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