Vietnam Vacation: The End of Our Journey

21 04 2012

After 18 wonderful days, our vacation has come to an end. Kaija, Tim and I returned to Cambodia yesterday so I’ll catch you up to speed on our last two stops in the spectacular country of Vietnam.

Halong Bay

Population: 1,600 (across four floating fishing villages)

Fun Fact: Over 5 million visitors visit Halong Bay each year, with more than 11,000 visiting on New Year’s alone

What we did: Kayaked under and through different rock formations; toured a cave; swam; relaxed

Loved: The breathtaking views of the countless islands; catching up on our cribbage; sipping on a beer while the bay disappeared into darkness

Pictures: Click here.

The boat's deck

The view




Population: 6.5 million

Fun Fact: In 2010, Hanoi celebrated its 1,000th anniversary

What we did: Visited the visually stunning and informative Women’s Museum; saw Ho Chi Minh’s perfectly preserved body at the mausoleum; wandered through the Temple of Literature; got a look at John McCain’s flight suit at the prison where we was held and tortured; shopped for souvenirs; watched a water puppet performance

Loved: The narrow, European-feeling streets of the Old Quarter, packed with motos, tourists and mobile vendors; the always cheap, always delicious and always available street food; the lovely cafes where we’d rest after a long day of exploring (Avocado and chocolate shakes? Coffee lassis? Hazelnut lattes just like at home? A resounding yes on all accounts!); the colonial architecture juxtaposed with traditional temples and contemporary office buildings

Pictures: Click here. 

Traditional clothing exhibit at the Women's Museum

The Presidential Palace

St. Joseph's Cathedral





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