One Saturday Morning

17 03 2012

Aren’t weekends the best? No matter how much you love your job, there’s something great about the weekend. It’s only 8:30am on Saturday, but my weekend is already off to a great start.

This morning, I woke up early, wide awake and ready to start the day. So I went to the market to get my toenails painted– always a treat. Fifteen minutes and 25 cents later, I left with cheerfully pink nails. I grabbed some of my favorite nome  (snacks) and headed back to the house. Once at home, I used my brand new coffee press (Thanks, Tim!) to brew the perfect cup of black coffee.

I spent nearly an hour on the porch, alternating between sipping coffee, munching on my nome and admiring my freshly painted nails. It’s a cloudy and uncharacteristically quiet morning so far, the perfect kind for getting lost in your thoughts. Not too much time for that, however, because in a short while Tim and I will be heading to a neighboring town for a wedding. It’s the first ceremony I’ll be attending with my  health center staff, and I am thrilled to spend some time with them outside of work.

Pretty in pink!

My beautiful, new French press!

This nome is ch'ngine na (delicious)!

So for now I have to get going. I’m off to apply six coats of mascara and some brightly colored lip gloss for this wedding. Here’s hoping the rest of the weekend lives up to the expectations set by this lovely morning.





One response

17 03 2012

if you were truly beautiful you’d have fake eyelashes ;) I’m so glad you’re enjoying your weekend! It sounds lovely!

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