The Sweet Spot

14 03 2012

Three things happened today that, alone, were great, but that together might have pushed me off the cliff of happiness and gratitude. First, I got an email from my parents saying that they had booked tickets to come visit later this year. Incredible! Second, Tim received a message from a friend of his saying that he and his new wife will be in Cambodia in May. Unbelievable! Then, as if those two things weren’t great enough, my friend who was here in January told me she is planning on returning for a few days in the fall. Unimaginable!

Add onto all of this that two of our best friends have committed to meeting us in Bali next year (they’ve bought the Lonely Planet, that’s a commitment, right?) and that several others have mentioned trying to come, and I am left utterly speechless. Oh, and have I mentioned that a friend of ours from Pittsburgh lives in Siem Reap, only 60 kilometers away?

These people bought tickets to come to Cambodia! Shocked? Me too! But excited!

As I excitedly processed all of this information with Tim, I realized something: We’re in the sweet spot. We are at a very unique time in our lives when most of our friends have steady incomes, yet no major recurring costs or small children. My parents are young enough that they’ll still be able to make (and enjoy) the trip, but old enough that they aren’t financially supporting any of their children. This is the perfect storm that has never happened before and that is unlikely to happen again. The sweet spot.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to see so many important people during our service. I admit that not all of them are coming (or came) just for us, but still– we sure are lucky!! And even if some, or all, of these visits fall through, it still makes me happy to think about the love and support coming from our family and friends back home. Thanks for all the visits, letters, packages and messages.





One response

14 03 2012
Travis Thompson

Having friends and family visit is the most amazing time. I’m jealous of you. My parents don’t get to visit :( Have a great time!

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