So I have this friend…

7 01 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I have this friend, Anne Marie.

You might remember her as being the one who, for a short time, lived with me and Tim in the Highview Street apartment. (If you remember this, you probably also remember that we lived off of red wine and Ben and Jerry’s the entire time.)

You might know her as being the one who is a board member for the totally amazing organization Awamaki. PS: How great was the house party/fundraiser she threw last year?

You might remember that she and I spent countless hours of our lives trying to monetize the social impact of a Pittsburgh-based organization that imports coffee from a remote Nicaraguan coffee farm. Or you may remember that we decided, on only a week’s notice, that we just needed to visit that farm. You know, for research’s sake.

Or maybe you remember that a mere three weeks later we jetted off to Cuba. Again, it was all about the research.

Perhaps you remember that Anne Marie came to visit me and Tim in Argentina (twice) or that when we returned to the US, she was the one throwing us multiple dinner parties. (Not to mention the fact that while in South America, she bought us one of my favorite presents ever!)

Maybe you remember that she’s the one who introduced me to banjo night, this song, and our “friendly neighborhood radical bookstore” in Bloomfield.

Or it’s possible that you know that  Anne Marie is my friend who is spending six months backpacking through Asia right now.

But I bet you didn’t know that she will be landing in Cambodia this weekend!! That’s right, AM, one of my best friends and most admired women, will be here with me in 24 short hours, and I could not be any happier. There is sure to be a lot of laughing, crying, and reminiscing for the next ten days as we travel together to some of the greatest cities in Cambodia. Like I said, I simply couldn’t be happier.

Welcome to Cambodia, Anne Marie!! Thanks for always finding me.





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7 01 2012
Anne Marie

I’d like to nominate and cast two votes for this as Best Post Ever.

31 12 2012
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[…] year started off with a visit from one of my dearest friends from home: Anne Marie. We spent a week or so hitting the major Cambodian cities, but the best part of all was definitely […]

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