An Exciting Day

4 01 2012

Today brought with it two very exciting events, although one was decidedly more positive than the other. First of all, I had the first official meeting of my girls’ club at the high school! The club, which meets twice a week, will focus on health and leadership. It will take a few weeks to figure out who’s committed to attending the meetings regularly, but today’s meeting went very well. I just need to find a counterpart and I’ll be all set!

Then, after club, I was riding my bike home, when our town’s infamous three-legged dog bit me and, in the process, pulled me off of my bike. It was startling and hurt a little, but was not a big deal. However, now I have to head to Phnom Penh for several nights to get a series of rabies shots. I’ve already been vaccinated (and there’s absolutely nothing indicating that this dog is rabid), but the post-exposure prophylaxis is another precaution. The worst part about it is leaving site. I was already planning on being away for a week this month, so taking off for these extra days means that building momentum will be that much harder. Oh well, it’s definitely better than contracting rabies.

To learn more about my potential fate, check out this PSA featuring Hollywood’s only trusted rabies expert: Steve Carell.

I’m sure Tim will let you know if I start foaming at the mouth. For now though, I’ve got to get going. I’m just so darn thirsty… (Too much? Am I tempting death here?)





3 responses

5 01 2012
Jill Preston

Haha, I’m sure you’ll be fine, Katie. Hilarious most. Foaming mouth happen yet?

6 01 2012

Hey! As a last resort, you could always try Chanthou’s wife, Kunthea, as a counterpart. I think she told me she used to teach health at her previous school. She doesn’t speak a lot of English, if you need that, though…but she’s learning.


6 01 2012

Jill – no foaming mouth yet. Maybe I’m in the clear, ha ha.

Abby- Thanks for the suggestion. She’s definitely on my radar. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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