Christmas in Cambodia

26 12 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

Being away for the holidays has been difficult for many Volunteers. The majority of us have found ourselves getting nostalgic about things like cups of rich hot chocolate, snow covered landscapes and Christmas carols. However, thanks to some wonderful people– both here and back home– Tim and I had a great Christmas weekend in spite of being so far from family!

My (incredibly generous) parents sent us a couple of packages stuffed to the brim with wrapped presents and delicious foods we’ve been missing from back home. Included in the packages were cards from some of my relatives back home too. They were the only two Christmas packages that arrived before the holidays (apparently there are others on the way), but they certainly helped create a Christmas atmosphere. Friday afternoon we put on some Christmas tunes and sat at the base of Tim’s makeshift Christmas tree made of brooms and Coke cans. As we opened up our presents– everything from gift cards to jewelry to homemade Chex mix– it truly felt like Christmas.

Then three of our dearest Peace Corps friends came for a visit. The lovely ladies spent a couple of nights with us at site, exploring our small town, making obscene amounts of food and catching up on one another’s experiences here. It was a perfectly relaxed, yet festive, weekend that set the bar high for future holidays in Cambodia.

Enjoy the slide show below or check out the public Facebook album here. 

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2 responses

1 01 2012

This slideshow thing is brilliant … must learn how to do this. Also, thank you both again for having us!

2 01 2012

Simple! Click on the little icon to add a picture. Upload as many as you want, but don’t click the “Insert into Post” button. Then, without closing the pop up window, click on the “Gallery” tab. Below your pictures, you will see the “Insert Slideshow” button. Click it and voila! Insta-slideshow (and, therefore, insta-awesomeness).

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