Yinz Second Khmer Lesson: Khmai-burghese

13 11 2011

This is what happens when you teach a yinzer Khmer. I know they always say to remember your audience, and after some calculations, it seems that exactly one person reading this will understand. But we think it’s funny anyha. Enjoy, Paulie!

(Can you tell we’ve been on vacation and have WAY too much free time?)





5 responses

15 11 2011
Mike Warner

Have to take your word that was actually Cambodian … lol

23 11 2011

You haven’t learned the Khmer word for “jack off” yet? I’m disappointed in Peace Corps’s training…

23 11 2011

And I’m disappointed in the fact that after having lived in Pittsburgh for several years you haven’t adopted the local spelling of “jagoff,” ha ha. Thanks for reading, Emily. Hope to see you in Siem Reap next weekend. And for any of you out there reading this who haven’t lived in Pittsburgh, let me clarify that this is not as dirty as it sounds. Jagoff is used to call someone a jerk in the ‘burgh.

24 11 2011

Fair point, Tim. I only got so far as “yinz” and “daan-taan” in my Pittsburghese.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

30 11 2011

Speaking of Pittsburghese, thought you’d enjoy this, if you haven’t seen it already: http://www.greganddonny.com/Greg_And_Donny/Episode_7_-_Greg_and_Donny_Have_An_Accent.html

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