A Tour of the Health Center

31 10 2011

Now that you’ve read a little about what I’ve been up to, let me introduce you to the health center where I work. The facilities aren’t much, but this health center is much bigger than the two others I have visited. And despite the humble setting, the health center employs a relatively large staff—12 people, including two doctors and two highly-trained secondary nurses. This is quite impressive when compared with other centers.

Anyway, let the tour begin!

This building, along the national highway, is where patients drop in for consultations and to pick up medications. I have been spending most of my time here.

The consultation and administrative building

Inside the building, there are two consultation rooms, an administrative office, and a small pharmacy. Generally patients speak with a doctor in one of the rooms and then pay for their medications (if needed) in the other.

One of two consultation rooms

Behind this building is what I’ll dub the “maternity ward,” although, as you can see, it does not resemble a maternity ward in the US. This is where women come in for check-ups throughout their pregnancy and also where babies are delivered. The TV is off in the picture, but it’s almost always showing Cartoon Network.

Waiting Room - Maternity

Where husbands nervously wait for their wives to deliver a baby

Where the magic happens: The delivery room

Perpendicular to the consultation building and the maternity ward is another building used for trainings and other administrative tasks. This is where the NGO held the week-long training I mentioned in my last post. All of the participants pulled up rice mats and sat on the floor while the NGO staff led the meetings.

Training building

Then past the hammocks– where I often find the director resting during lunch– is the itty bitty laboratory and some rooms where patients can stay overnight.

Hammock area

Laboratory and TB building

And, finally, in the middle of the health center grounds is a small building that I’ve never seen used. Thought I’d post the picture anyway because it’s so lush and green.

Mystery building

Not sure what it is, but it is pretty

There you have it! That’s the health center where I work. Look for a post from Tim later this week on life at the high school.





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