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21 06 2011

“Fascination, beauty, stimulation, empathy, compassion. [Cambodia’s] a strange place that many people love despite the fact that just about anything you would describe there is awful.”

— Seth Mydens to Karen Coates, as reported in her captivating book, Cambodia Now

The travel blog lives again! That’s right, after a six month hiatus, we’re back with big news: One month from today, Tim and I will be leaving for Cambodia! In late 2009, we submitted applications for the Peace Corps, and we just recently received an invitation to serve abroad beginning in July. Tim will be doing youth development and teaching English, while I will be working with community health issues. We are very excited about our placements and are eager to get started!

The first couple of months there, the Peace Corps provides intensive language and technical training. Also during this time, the in-country staff will be assessing our skills and personalities to determine the best placement for us. That means that we currently do not know where in Cambodia we will live after training; it will be determined, at least in part, by our performance the first couple of months.

After we complete training, we will be sworn in as volunteers and will begin our two years of service. The Peace Corps finds housing for volunteers and provides a stipend while abroad. Tim and I will live with a host family for our entire time in Cambodia, although they’ve assured us that they do everything possible to ensure that couples receive the amount of privacy and space that they need and deserve. From having communicated with married couples currently serving in Cambodia (thanks to Facebook), it sounds like many of them live in guest home-type scenarios, with either an entire house or floor to themselves.

Southeast Asia is a region that we had been wanting to visit for some time, so we are ecstatic to get to spend two years really getting to know what seems like such a beautiful country and its people. Cambodia has a complex and devastating history which has resulted in some interesting contradictions and challenges. We can’t wait to delve into these issues, broaden our own understandings and, hopefully, help out in some small way.





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24 06 2011

Hey, guys! That’s so freaking awesome!!! Hope you have a wonderful experience. I know these people will be so blessed for having you in their in lives. You are amazing people!

24 06 2011

Aw, thanks Fabi! We miss you tons! Shoot me a message– I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. More ice cream? A trip to the US? Fill us in! -Katie

8 02 2012
Erin K

Hi Tim and Katie,

I recently found your blog and was wondering if you would mind answering a couple of questions. : )

My husband and I are currently in the medical clearance process for Peace Corps, and we have been nominated for “French-speaking Africa” for September 2012. Given our sectors (him, Environment; me, Community Development), it seems as if we are more than likely headed to either Morocco or Togo. We’re hoping for Morocco, but as these things usually go… it will probably be Togo. Who knows… it could end up being on another continent… which is what we hope.

I was just wondering if you would mind posting your Peace Corps application timeline… and also if you would mind responding or e-mailing back with the issue of placements related to married couples. Yours is the first blog I’ve found of a married couple being placed outside of Africa. Our first choice is Asia (Thailand or Cambodia actually), but we are flexible and will go anywhere. Just curious about how much married couples can negotiate. Most of my single Peace Corps friends, for instance, have been able to negotiate their placements, but I imagine there is limited room for married couples to move.

Basically, how did you guys end up in Cambodia? And have you heard about many other couples serving in Asia?


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