It’s been a while…

16 08 2010

Life has definitely been picking up the pace in the last few weeks. I was in the south of the province all of last week for training for a new English immersion camp job, work has been hectic for Katie this week, and Anne Marie is in town to visit this week. The girls left Friday to a yoga camp for the long weekend, and our roommate is in Buenos Aires with some friends, leaving me here to bake bread and make soup.

On Wednesday, the three of us hopped on a ferry and crossed the Rio for Uruguay. We just stayed for the night in a cheap hostel after Katie found a great promotion with the boat company: donate a toy to kids in the hospital, get a ridiculously cheap round-trip ticket. Not a bad deal. The boat ride only takes about an hour from Buenos Aires to the small city of Colonia, Uruguay. The city is, well, colonial, with 17th-century cobblestone streets and an old Portuguese fort. There are some great shops with unique clothes and intricate wood carvings. There are also the cheesiest of tourist traps, selling purple quartz, key chains, etc. We had a nice night in Colonia, but it’s a pretty slow town and one day was plenty to see it all.

More soon.





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