Bits and pieces of news

2 08 2010

Just a couple small things to report.

A few weeks ago, my first group of interns left. For their going away celebration, we all went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D and had tacos at our apartment. The weekend they took off, I went with the new group of interns on their midterm retreat to small town called Chascomus. Unfortunately, we had pretty terrible weather so we spent most of the time in the cabin playing cards and watching movies. It was relaxing, although not particularly exciting.

In fact, “relaxing, although not particularly exciting” is a great way to describe the past few weeks. Everything has been going really well, but there haven’t been any new adventures to speak of. I’ve continued in my quest to find both a volunteer opportunity and a yoga class. Still no luck with either. However, I feel very optimistic that both will work out shortly. Classes at the university start this week too, so I may stop by there and see if there is anything interesting I can sit it in on. Tomorrow evening I am attending a lecture in Buenos Aires entitled, La economía Argentina en un mundo a dos velocidades.

Tim decided to stop taking his Spanish classes, in part because he has found another job on top of private tutoring and substituting at the institute. He interviewed for a counselor position for an English language immersion camp, and got hired in as a coordinator. He left yesterday for a small town in the southern part of the province where he will have four days of training followed by a three day camp. After this week, he will get to pick how many/what camps to attend, which will give him the flexibility he needs to be able to continue with his other jobs and travel with me on weekends. I’m sure he will have a lot to say about it when he gets back on Sunday.

Finally, we have decided to go back to Michigan in December to spend Christmas with our families. Although it will be sad to leave the warm weather when it finally arrives, it will certainly be worth it to see everyone and enjoy the comforts of the US for a couple of weeks.





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