Independence Day in Rosario

13 07 2010

This weekend was Independence Day so we had a three day weekend. After much deliberation, we couldn’t decide where to go to and, more importantly, weren’t sure where we could get to without having bought bus tickets in advance. So we trekked to the bus station with a list of places we were willing to go, asked where we could get to first, and ended up on a bus to Rosario.

It was a beautiful city and we spent most of the weekend outside by the river. We walked a lot, ate a lot and did a lot of people watching. Here are some pictures:




3 responses

14 07 2010
Barbara Muller

I really enjoyed these pictures! They are beautiful. I especially liked the Choripan Tim was holding and that Katie was eating! The murials were great! Rosario is certainly not like Detroit! Nor is it like Sterling Heights……….how many high rises did you see? The park is gorgeous.

14 07 2010

Thanks for always taking the time to read the blog– we really appreciate it! You definietly win the award for most faithful blog reader!

Rosario was a really beautiful city. It was easy to take pictures because everything was so pretty. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. And, in particular we enjoyed those choripanes! Delicious!!

17 07 2010
Nicole Nelson

I’m so glad I finally caught up on your blog and photos! It really makes me want to start planning a trip down there!

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