Trip to Tigre

5 07 2010

This weekend María and I went to Tigre with the interns who arrived in May for their Midterm Retreat. Tigre is located 17 miles north of Buenos Aires on an island in the delta of the Paraná River. It’s a quant, touristy town known for its rowing clubs, amusement park and artisan fair.

We got lucky and had really warm, sunny weather while we were there. After watching the Argentine team get absolutely destroyed by Germany in the World Cup on Saturday, we took a relaxing boat trip through the various rivers and streams, weaving in and out of the different islands along the way. Then we browsed the artisan market, El Puerto de Frutos, before dinner. I didn’t buy anything, but the fair had some neat wicker furniture, paintings and clothing. The next day we went to the art museum, a beautiful, European building on the river’s edge that houses a small but impressive collection of Argentine paintings, before heading back to La Plata.

The purpose of the trip was to allow the interns to get out of the city (although these girls have been traveling every weekend since they got here!), reflect on their work with their host organizations and discuss any challenges they might be facing.

It was nice to get to know them all a little better and to talk to them about their experiences with their host organizations. The one thing that has been challenging for all of them is that the pace of life here is much slower, which can be frustrating and often leaves interns feeling like it’s impossible to accomplish anything in a 9-week internship. The key is to have realistic expectations, find ways to best utilize your strengths and to focus on a specific and narrow goal.

In addition, each and every one of the interns said this weekend (and I remember saying the same thing), that the experience has been a wonderful learning experience, they have just learned very different things than they expected to when they arrived. It seems like all of them are really enjoying their time here, and one of the girls is even going to move to Buenos Aires after her internship ends.

All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend. When I got back from Tigre, Tim, Ana and I ate cheeseburgers and apple crisp in celebration of the Fourth of July. Oh, and Argentina’s Independence Day is celebrated this Friday, meaning that it’s only a four-day work week! More from us soon.





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17 07 2010
Nicole Nelson

I bet you’re an amazing intern coordinator! You have such insightful comments. You’re wise beyond your years!

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