New apartment

4 06 2010

We found an apartment that we like! It’s a two bedroom on the ninth floor of a complex located just 8 blocks from the FSD office, steps away from the city’s biggest park (El Bosque) and right across the street from what we’ve been told is La Plata’s best pizzeria. We will be sharing it with Ana, who is 25 years old and studying math at the university. She has lived there for a while, at first with her sister and now with a guy from New Zealand. Ana is from the interior of the country and since her boyfriend lives in Cordoba she often travels on the weekends. She speaks some English, enjoys mate (who doesn’t in this country?) and stays in most nights to study.

The place is completely furnished, has a lot of light and is much more comfortable than any place we’ve seen yet. Although the bedroom is rather small, it has a large closet. The kitchen is quite spacious, as is the dining room/living room. It has a washing machine inside and a little balcony area for drying clothes. We’re both very excited to move in… and especially to start cooking again! Unfortunately, the room won’t be available until the 27th,  so we will have to wait a few more weeks.

In other news, we will be heading to Buenos Aires this weekend to explore. We will be sure to update with pictures and stories next week.





2 responses

5 06 2010
Barbara Muller

It looks and sounds cute! Glad you could find a nice one.

6 06 2010

She… enjoys mate. Is that a band? I don’t recognize it.

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